What will I be doing as a volunteer?


Prior to the January 22nd PIT Count night, all volunteers must attend a volunteer training. The training will cover: background and purpose of the count; downloading and using the survey app; how to use the mobile maps; specific survey questions; and safety and engagement tips. After completing the training a volunteer should feel fully equipped to conduct the count.  

On the PIT Count night volunteers will arrive at the kick-off location, check-in, and will be given their neighborhood team assignment. Each neighborhood team is headed up by a Team Lead who is an experienced homeless outreach professional and will serve as the point-person for all volunteers during the night of the PIT Count. You can select your neighborhood preferences during the volunteer registration where you can also request to be paired with other volunteers or groups of volunteers. 

On the night of the Count, volunteers will be assigned to a group of 2-3 people within their neighborhood team and each group will be given a map that they will be responsible for canvassing. Over 3 to 4 hours, volunteer groups will thoroughly cover their map areas and survey individuals who are sleeping outside. At the end of the night volunteers meet back up with their neighborhood Team Lead to drop off any supplies and check out.

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